Beta Siebel, Günther Heilfurth
message from next door

Message from next door
About perceptions of myself in the face of the other. Message from next door: this is the information that reaches us form the person opposite us. The bearer of this information is the face and this is the theme of our project. With our respective mediums of sculpture and photography, we examine the human face.

For the sculptor, Günther Heilfurth,
the human face had been for years the main subject of his work. He has been working in granite as well as ceramics, bronze, brick. His faces are created within the stone, not intending to be portraits but rather, images of memories, and as such, fragmentary. Traces of the work process remain visible.

Beta Siebel as a photographer,
is fascinated by the relics of human existence and their transformation in time, such as seen in abandoned houses, remnants of a carnival, or in the blurred world of a greenhouse. Recently, she has begun integrating the human face into black-and-white-photos, creating photomontages. These compositions unite the formal and emotional content of the two subjects.

Sculpture and photomontage
examine different possibilities of the perception of the face: with sculpture it occurs through variations in the expression of the work; with photomontage the same face seems to transform by changing the background.

We collaborate so that our very different artistic languages can influence and enrich each other and to understand more deeply the “perception of ourselves in the face of the other”.